Meet the team

Coffee enthusiast or Coffee nerd… you decide!

In 2010, Keith won the Singapore Barista Championship and represented Singapore at the world stage. Keith also holds other competition titles: (2010-National Pura Latte Art Championship & 2013- Singapore National Cup Tasters Champion). Keith is also an experienced coffee trainer and roaster, with many hours of practical experience.

Chief Toilet Officer

Keith Loh

Drinks a sick amount of coffee and btw is…

  • Singapore Barista Champion 2008, 2009, 2015
  • Singapore Brewers Cup Champion 2016


John Ryan Ting

Having led the setup of a new division within Super Group with a focus on HORECA / OCS / Retail, he brings a wealth of experience and network to the team. At Caffeine Solutions, he is the group’s General Manager holding everything and everyone together.

No-Nonsense Ambassador

Mark Rozario